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Holding Time (to those who know how to seek out how)


September 2019

Exhibited at Middlesex University, Hendon and V22 The Priory, Orpington

Suzy Dunford-Gent’s practice examines the parallels between architecture and textiles as records of and reflections upon the human relationship to corporeal containment and our natural environment. 
The installation presented in this exhibition is the culmination of a research-led project focusing on two buildings, Orpington Priory, a 13th, 14th and 17th century rectory that used to house the Bromley Museum collection, and its 1960’s extension that housed the public library. These buildings, no longer public spaces, remain material repositories of our histories.
The materiality of the artefacts produced, as well as the traditional craft processes used in the production of them, are drawn directly from both the site and the now re-housed library and museum collections. These tactile objects exist as intimate dialogues between self, place and time: material artefacts joining the temporal narrative of the site.


Exhibition Pamphlet

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