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Model Village Collection


Collectable jewellery inspired by buildings


The Model Village Collection is a representative series of collectable jewellery designs that capture the essence of the buildings that we hold dearest in our landscape.

The collection explores the idea of buildings as psychological containers for emotional experiences. Each design represents a different type of building from our environment which can hold its own particular importance and association. ‘When a building has a strong significance for us we hold the idea of that place with us wherever we go. If someone’s beach hut, for example, is a place where they feel truly tranquil, then when they think of this building they can re-conjure that feeling of tranquillity’. Through these designs Susan aims to create miniature ‘emotional containers’ that people can carry with them to symbolise the places which are important to them.

These wearable silver and gold miniatures mean you can always carry a reminder of home wherever you go on your travels. Ideal for every day wear whilst making the perfect talking point. 


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